Sunday, December 27, 2015

Boy Scout Ridge Dec 2015

Finally some snow on Mt Hood.

White River in the afternoon
Climb up ravine
Decided to use head lamps on the way up
What little sunset we saw
No stars that night
Used flashlight to light up Ann's gloves
Groomers on both Timberline and Mt Hood Meadows
Lights from the Dalles
Ann Cooking breakfast and texting her children.
Morning clouds
Gnarl by campsite
Looking north
Panorama of Boy Scout Ridge
We got 3 to 4 inches of snow overnight.
On the way back down.
With all the new powder we received overnight, we lost our footing several times on the way down the ravine.
Path down the ravine
Looking over to Mt Hood
Near the bottom of the ravine
Path on the way down
Finally down
Looking up White River Canyon
Someone posed for this shot.  Ann took this picture
Looking east
Looking east
Morning light
White River in the morning
Morning light on the top of Mt Hood

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