Monday, September 21, 2015

Yocum Ridge Sept 19-20 2015

Ann and I did an overnight backpack trip to Yocum Ridge on the west side of Mt Hood this last weekend.  We got a late start and didn't leave the trail head until 2:20 pm and didn't arrive up to the viewpoint until the last hour before sunset.  The first two campsites were filled, and we settled on the third site which is around the backside of the ridge, but it was still a great site.  The skies were clear overnight and into the morning on our way back.  The loop was 19.4 miles with 4,000 ft elevation gain.

Since the bridge over the Sandy River was washed away last year, you now need to cross on logs.
The section just past the Sandy is now well marked making it easier to find the trail again on the other side.

Swag enjoying a break before we began the climb that last 4 miles up Yocum Ridge

A few clouds didn't ruin the start of the Golden Hour on Mt Hood as we made it up to the upper section of Yocum Ridge.
As we made it around the backside of the ridge, the Golden Hour was in full swing.
Close up of Illumination Point.

Last light on Mt Hood from our campsite.
That is the moon behind us, not a street lamp.
Portland City Lights

Night View of Mt Hood, just enough light from the moon to capture some detail in the trees.
Looking up from campsite.  I really need to learn how to make the Milky Way show up better in pictures.

Playing with the camera at breakfast. (the beer was not our breakfast)

Swag posing while some clouds drift in front of Mt Hood.
Close up of the Sandy Glacier.
The sun rising above Mt Hood and we made it back to the first viewpoint on our way back down.
Looking down from the viewpoint at the Sandy river.

The dead flowers gave a glow with the backlight.
Looking across at Boy Scout Ridge & Split Rock and Mt Jefferson in the background.
Ann taking a break at the rock fall area.

Not much fall colors but the vine maple did add some color into the scene.
More Vine Maple above the rock fall area.

Old sign becoming part of the tree.

Swag enjoying the view at Ramona Falls

Ramona Falls bridge.
This section below Ramona Falls was so green

Ramon Creek below the falls on the way back to the trail head.

Looking back up to Mt Hood as the clouds seemed to be moving in from the Sandy River.
Sandy River Crossing.

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