Monday, August 11, 2014

Gnarl Ridge, Lamberson Spur Aug 9-10 2014

An overnight trip to the top of Gnarl Ridge.
Started from the Elk Meadows trail head and turned up Gnarl Ridge trail to the Timberline Loop trail.

Mt Hood Shadow.

Clark Creek Bridge.

Gnarl on Gnarl Ridge.

Looking back at Lamberson Butte and Newton Creek.

Lamberson Butte.

Morning light at our campsite.

Clark Creek Bridge.

Gnarl on Gnarl Ridge.

One of the many snowfields on the Timberline Loop Trail.

The 'almost' Supermoon.

'Almost' supermoon.

View from Campsite.

Mt Adams.

Gnarl Ridge pano.

Newton Creek.

Ann Crossing Newton Creek.

Sun hiding behind Mt Hood.

Wildfire smoke made for a colorful but diffused sunrise.

The 'almost' supermoon lit up everthing, but I was still able to capture the Big Dipper.

'Almost' supermoon.

Mt Hood begins to make itself know on the Timberline Loop trail.

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