Monday, September 16, 2013

Goat Rocks Wilderness Sept 13 - 14

Ann and I did a two night 21 mile backpack trip to Goat Rocks Wilderness in Washington state.

First glimpse of Goat Rocks
Campsite view
View south to Mt Adams
Goat Lake
View from Old Snowy Mountain
View of Goat Lake and north to Mt Rainier
Mt Adams from campsite
Reflection in Snowgrass flats
Reflection in Snowgrass Flats

Mushroom grotto
Someone posing for picture

Huge marmot
Goats above Goat Lake
Sunrise over Mt Adams
Sunrise over Mt Adams
Sunrise over Gilbert Peak
Sunset at campsite
Sunset with Mt Adams
Looking up with the Andromeda galaxy.

Night sky from campsite

Mt Adams in Black and White

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